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12 Nov 2010

Bill's words Dave's illustration

Ext. A refurbished Victorian pub.'The Courage'
Int. Dave and Kieron settle at the bar, seemingly oblivious to their surreal environment. A barmaid floats over.
Dave: um.. what do you serve?
Barmaid: We have a selection of ales, cocktails, crisps, wraps and trans-dimensional portholes.
Kieron: Its some sort of theme pub, like that Scandinavian place that serves oxygen. You should try the local speciality.
Dave scans the menu.
'I'll have a Asgard. No wait.. a Erebus please.'
The floor opens up and Dave is swallowed up into infinite nothingness. The porthole closes, leaving
Kieron and the Barmaid. There's a awkward pause.
' Ill just have a mojito, please'
Dave lands in a vast flaming zombie cavern. In front of him sits the magnificent Hades, chewing on tortured souls. Dave stands up
' Things are about to get hot...WASABI HOT!