Eight artists and writers, scratching out stories from our savage imaginations together since 2010. An underground comics collective.

13 Nov 2013


The Six Fingers of Fate present: Fatal Consequences, an exhibition on now until December 15.

Eight artists, eight comic strips, one endless story; grotesque characters and bizarre twists unfold in this underground comic collective's latest game of FATAL CONSEQUENCES. 

The instructions were: Draw the last panel of a comic, pass it on in a circle. The one you receive is the beginning of your story. GO.

The result is a story about birth, death, sex, and the summoning of anarchic cat-headed spirits.

Operating underground for several years, the comics collective The Six Fingers of Fate have surfaced for an exhibition of their work in Dalston at TIN, 1 Middleton rd E8 4BL until December 15.

24 Mar 2013

One Day Special - March 2013 - Dave

From a statistic given by Toby, drawn and written by Dave.

"Glengarry GlenPISS"

10 Feb 2013

One day special #2 "Fallen Heroes"

As the TV legends of the 1970s fell, one by one, to accusations of heinous crimes, the Six Fingers of Fate (membership roster now eight) met to consider the prospect of "Fallen Heroes" in a one day special.

Each finger brought a sentence to hand on to another to insipre a story, which was to be completed in one day -while also playing the game "fantasy Yewtree", making lists of who the police could -or should- call on next.

This is Andrew's piece, that was inspired by text from Ruth, about a boy who covered himself in green dye to emulate his hero, The Incredible Hulk"As if being bright green wasn't embarrassing enough, the local press ran pictures of his mother trying to remove the paint -and referred to her as his girlfriend".

29 Jul 2012

One Day special - Summer 2012 - Dave

We met for another one day event in Summer 2012 just after the start of the Big Sport Event In London. This time we were to draw our own ideas.

Dave's pages. Titled "The OTHER Bolt".

page 1

page 2

3 Jun 2011

One Day Special #1 - Andrew

This is the... thing, that came out of the draw-a-thon at Andy's. Its from Kieron's text.