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1 Jul 2010

Dave's words Andy's Drawing

Hades, a dive in Japantown quarter

Detective Anderson – Okay Wasabi, where’s your ninja?
Boss Nakatomi – You’re wasting my time, Flamegrill. (sips mojito)

Anderson crashes into kitchen. Cook spins round holding utensils, bandana wrapped around face. Fight!

Anderson chases cook up ladders onto roof. Cook turns. 

Anderson: This is the end, Watanabe.
Cook: Watanabe?
Anderson: You heard me.
Cook: I’m not Watanabe. I’m Wanatabe (shows passport).
Anderson: …right… awkward. Sorry to trouble you…
Cook: Yes, Wanatabe… with courage of a thousand eagles. And you would never make her happy as I do…
Anderson: Wha…?

Cook metamorphoses, giant eagle decapitates Anderson. End!